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What is Shatter?

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What is shatter weed? It may be the color of honey, but the high you’ll get from this cannabis concentrate will be anything but sweet if you over, consume shatter; it can contain 80 to 90 % THC. But what is it, and how is it made? 

You might have heard of shatter, a potent cannabis concentrate made from butane hash oil. It’S one of the many forms of butane, hash oil, or BHO in league with wax and cannabis oil used in vapes. In this blog post, you will find out what is shatter. 

Shatter is the solidified hardest form of BHO, earning its nickname because it’s transparent and can shatter like glass. It’S highly potent, containing 80 to 90 percent THC according to Health, Canada, and its effects come on quickly and can last for several hours. 

For that reason, it takes far less shatter to get you high compared to cannabis flower, which generally contains up to 30 % THC, but how is shatter made, and how do you consume it?

Firstly, shatter is made from the trichomes of the cannabis flower. The trichomes of cannabis buds are separated from the flower using butane, an extremely flammable and dangerous gas.

Once separated, the trichomes are collected and heated to remove the butane. The new substance is mixed to a creamier texture and then solidifies into shatter. Making shatter is very dangerous, and it’s not recommended to do it at home.

People have died or been seriously injured trying to create shatter, and this is definitely not something you should do. This is because making shatter or any other BHO involves using butane gas in the process. In the extraction process, butane gas becomes a liquid and then evaporates when heat is used to remove it from the concentrate.

Since butane is heavier than oxygen after it evaporates, it can fall to the floor, creating a very hazardous situation, especially over a hot stovetop. This is not the only risk when it comes to BHO, though any form of BHO, weather shatter or otherwise, is highly dangerous to consume orally.

There’s the real risk of poisoning here, so shatter, and other be a choice shouldn’t be made into edibles. That’s because there’s a possibility that not all the butane was removed when creating the BHO. With all that said, shatter can be a pleasantly potent concentrate if used correctly and with care.

Shatter is consumed by heating it and then inhaling the smoke; you can consume the shatter By adding a small piece of it to a pipe bomb, hash, pipe, vaporizer, or dabbing rig. Be cautious with dabbing rigs.

However, because they can reach temperatures as high as 400 degrees Celsius and should be handled with care, and keep in mind that, while shatter can be baked, it might be trickier to do so.

You might prefer vaping another type of BHO, which is very potent and not for The faint of heart shatter, is one of many concentrates available from the cannabis plant and is likely better suited to more experienced users.

What exactly are the advantages of shatter?

Among the primary advantages of using shatter is it delivers a strong and nearly instantaneous effect. Vaping or dabbing shatter makes it possible for the cannabinoids to go into the bloodstream very quickly, which gives them the chance to provide fast therapeutic and also psychoactive effects.

What’s shatter, and how can you ingest it?

The most effective way to consume your shatter is to dab. If you’re not familiar with the term, it is rather like working with a bong, but in this case, it is a somewhat different device known as a dab rig.

Is shatter just like dabs?

Dabs – also called wax, honeycomb, amber, shatter, or even budder – are concentrated versions of butane hash oil (BHO) which includes highly concentrated ph levels of THC. This concentrated substance is made through a chemical process using butane used oil to acquire the oils in the cannabis.

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